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This blog is a means for its author/publisher, Lesmore B. Taockham, to express and publish his research, analyses, and opinions associated with investing in high yield bond funds (aka: junk bonds).

Mr. Taockham has a B.S. in Geology & Geophysics and a M.S. in Geology and is a registered professional geologist.  Mr. Taockham's professional background includes over 25 years working as a contaminant hydrogeologist where he analyzed time-series environmental data using graphical and spatial analyses to develop complex conceptual models explaining contaminant transport and fate and strategies for investigating and cleaning up contamination.

In the years following the 2008-9 market crash, Mr. Taockham, now retired, has been applying his technical and strategic skills to invest in high-yield bond mutual funds for both income and growth.

Objectives and Strategies

Mr. Taockham's  investment objectives and strategies follow a disciplined, rational, and systematic investment process based only on chart-based technical analyses, and include:

  • Risk management to preserve capital using a strict "buy and protect" strategy to keep losses due to incorrect decisions (trades) to less than 1 percent of initial investment.
  • Achieving consistent total annual returns of at least 10 to 15 percent by "buying low and selling high", including holding as long as possible, to maximize dividend payments, while still realizing significant capital gains.
  • Minimizing overhead, including transactions costs, fees, and time spent researching and tracking investments, by focusing on a handful of no-load mutual funds without significant (i.e., percent-based) early redemption fees. 


Chris Kimble of KimbleChartingSolutions.com and his technical analyses and strategies as applied to exchange traded funds and various stock and bond indices has been a significant inspiration to the author/publisher of this blog.  In particular, Mr. Kimble's "Tops, Bottoms, and No Middles" strategy has been utilized by the author/publisher as a foundation for risk management.

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