Monday, March 7, 2016

Are Skyrocketing High Yield Corporate Bonds About To Meet A Major Test? (Daily Chart)

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Both of the daily charts above indicate that high yield bond funds are facing sound price resistance and resistance on the RSI portion of the chart.  How investors/traders act here could be important in terms of whether this rally is sustained into the future.

I have been long high yield bond funds for about two weeks now, but I am not fully invested.  Whether or not I add to subtract from my position depends largely on what happens here at these resistance lines, including whether or not NHINX holds the 100-day ema.  

I tend to pay a lot more attention to MUTFs than ETFs because in my view they are less volatile, more indicative of longer-term trends, and less influenced by the stock market.

If corporate high yield bonds are (still) being influenced by the price trends of crude oil, it is worth noting that the spot price of WTI is approaching resistance on both the daily and weekly charts - this may be addressed in a future post but I wanted to at least mention it here.

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Financial Disclosure:
The author/publisher has long positions in several corporate high yield bond funds (MUTFs) at the time this article was written. This position may change depending on future price action.

Base Chart Provided Courtesy of  Analysis and Annotation by JunkBond (all rights reserved)


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