Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Blackrock High Yield Bond Fund (BHYSX) Breaks Key Long-term Support?

Our previous post here showed that two large total asset, no-load, corporate high yield bond funds, VWEHX (Vanguard, $17.2 Billion) and BHYSX (Blackrock, $15.1 Billion), had formed rising wedges over the last year and were in "overbought" conditions per the RSI (Relative Strength Index above "70" - upper section of the charts).  

Now it appears that at least one of these funds, BHYSX (Blackrock) has broken below key long-term support line S1 based on the chart below. I
n this chart, S1 and resistance line R2 form a large, longer-term (multi-year) rising wedge pattern. Similarly, S1 and resistance line R1 form another shorter-term (1-year) rising wedge pattern.

Both of these rising wedges appear to have been broken by BHYSX's recent downward price trend in July 2014. Rising wedges are often reversal patterns.

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BHYSX Chart: 5yr | daily | semi-log | unadjusted prices

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The author/publisher does not hold positions in either of these funds (BHYSX, VWEHX), and has sold positions in several other corporate high yield bond funds on 7/11/2014 and 7/16/2014.

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