Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Key Corporate High Yield Bond MUTF Breaks Weekly Support - Back on Defense

Last Thursday (7/16) I posted (here) that I took a significant position in corporate high yield MUTF.  I was not patient enough.  Technical's encouraged me to sell that position yesterday.  I was anticipating (really bad idea) a breakout of the falling channel in the daily chart below, which did not happen.  Other funds had breakouts so I used that as evidence for making the investment, even though I have known for a long time that this fund should take priority as an indicator.

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In addition, the weekly support line has been broken in the chart below (dashed green line).  I was using this line, and a similar one on a daily chart, which was also broken, as stop loss triggers - so I sold (even though the week is not over).

click chart to enlarge

So despite the fact that I should have been more patient in the first place and not anticipated the breakout of the falling channel, my buy and protect strategy kept my losses to a fraction of a percent.

Note the weekly chart above has some other support lines for both momentum and price (solid green lines).  These are not predictions - I don't know what is going to happen. But whether I am on offense or defense, I always like to look ahead to see where the price may end up based on technical analysis.  In my opinion, a wise investor who uses technical analysis waits until the chart patterns are proven/verified by price action before making a trade. Now I just need to remember that!

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