Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bank Of America (BAC) Ends Week at Resistance on Weekly Chart - Breakout Imminent?

The weekly closing price chart below shows that BAC has apparently ended the week at resistance (solid red line).  

Is a long awaited breakout imminent? I don't predict price, I follow it.  So we will have to wait until the close of trading this Friday (7/24) to know for sure (as this is a weekly closing price chart analysis).

If I was interested in owning BAC, a verified break above resistance may be a good time to establish a buy and protect position/strategy by using the former resistance line as support and a stop-loss trigger (if the price dropped back below the resistance/support line it would trigger a sell action to protect capital).

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Again, as clearly indicated below and elsewhere on this website in more detail, this is not investment advice - nothing in this post should be construed as advice or a recommendation to buy (or sell) BAC.  This is simply an example of how I could potentially use technical analysis with a buy and protect strategy to invest in BAC.  I could lose money on an investment in BAC as could anyone else who uses this strategy.

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The author/publisher has no position in oil or CVX at the time this article was written.

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